Romance is for everyone!

It probably would not surprise you to learn that women make up 84% of Romance readers. Did you also know that the age of these readers ranges from the mid-thirties to the mid-fifties? Yet, the most common story content usually focuses on younger couples.

Cabot Books wants to give you what you desire in a romance novel. We offer multicultural content with stories about couples from a variety of age groups. We also feature two genres on in our collection, real-life romance and fantasy romance.

Check out the first in the real-life romance collection, from the Hampton Bay Series, Taylor Made Love.
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Anyone who has ever really been in love knows that there is no easy path to love. Often, the road can be rocky and difficult. Taylor Gaines and Gille Chancellor know this first hand. Yet, despite the challenges facing Taylor, Chance refuses to give up on her. He is finally rewarded with the love of his life and a few other surprises as well. Read more about Taylor Made Love and the other books in the Hampton Bay Series here

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